Selva Co., Ltd : Saeki Selva Holdings

Company Overview

Message from management

Ibaraki Saeki Co., Ltd. Chairman and Executive Director Yukihiko Saeki

Selva Co., Ltd.

Chairman and Executive Director
Yukihiko Saeki

President Kosei Kuwabara

Selva Co., Ltd.

Kosei Kuwabara

We aim to be an enterprise
that is indispensable to communities
for contribution to the local food culture and healthy living by our customers.

Each district has its own food culture passed down through the years. In keeping with our watchword “Food is ‘fudo’ (local culture and climate),” we have a vital role to play as a local supermarket transmitting this culture to the succeeding generations. At the same time, we discharge the important function of supporting healthy living by our customers residing in that district.

As we see it, people maintain a sound mind and healthy body through eating. We are also putting effort into programs of food education around the theme of beauty and health through eating, which plays this important role, in order to support the building of closer family ties. In addition, we prize market information and the opinions of our customers. We aspire to be an enterprise that can make proposals for a fuller dietary life to customers on the basis of this information, and to play a key role in protection of local lifelines.

Lastly, we would like to emphasize that Saeki Selva Holdings shall constantly strive for the growth and advancement of our customers, local communities, transaction partners, and all of our employees into the future, in order to build a society oriented toward the happiness of its members.

Selva Co., Ltd.

Kosei Kuwabara

Corporate Philosophy

A lush forest Selva
Company creed Do fair business with considerate heart
Company policies 1. We will contribute to the community through sales activities.
2. We live up to our customers’ trust based on our policy of honesty.
3. We always work hard to develop our business based on our ingenuity and “wa (harmony)” spirit.
4. We fulfill our duties with initiative and responsibility.
5. We seek to foster our personnel as excellent working members of society.
Corporate Credo Honesty / Creation / Gratitude
Corporate Philosophy To contribute to the further development of the regional society while striving for the contentment of our customers and employees
Credo 1. To do business justly and with honesty — This is the Selva way of business
1. To create great food, convenience and comfort — These are the Selva shops
1. To do business with the goal of receiving appreciation from our customers — This is the Selva tradition

Corporate Outline

Company Name Selva Co., Ltd.
Started Operations November 1983
Date Established February 1990
Capital 37 million yen
Representative President Kosei Kuwabara
Employees 600(including part-time employees)
Main Banks The Yamanashi Chuo Bank, Ltd., Tsuru Shinyoukumiai, The Shizuoka Bank, Ltd., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Shoko Chukin Bank
Business Outline Supermarket operation focused on the retail sales of fresh produce, common food and sweets.
Sales 10.7 billion yen
Average Age of Staff 39
Benefits Various social insurance, bachelor’s dormitory, members-only holiday condominium,sports club membership, retirement benefits, regular medical checkups, employee group life insurance
Training Overseas training, newemployee training, new employee follow-up training, mid-level employee training,OTJ training, distance learning, computer training
Number of Shops


Address 2F 6-11-23 Fujimi,Fujiyoshida-shi,Yamanashi 403-0009


Our Commitment

Our Commitment